Bigger is better, right?

3 - Inside

We’re talking about caster wheel size this time. I’m sure you can remember a time when this happened to you:

You’re at the grocery store getting soda for the big family picnic. You’ve got 8 cases in the cart and you are ready to head to the checkout line. Hands on the handle bar, feet firmly against the ground, you push… and nothing. The cart doesn’t budge. You pull back, it starts to roll, finally, and you are on your way.

This story is repeated day in and day out all over the place. Not just in grocery stores, but in factories, warehouses, and offices. The reason for it is simple, the wheels just aren’t big enough for the load. This month’s tip focuses on wheel size selection in respect to the application.

Think Bigger

Wheel size selection is critical when specifying a caster. A wheel has many dimensions by which we measure it, but for today’s discussion, we’ll focus on one: diameter. We could keep this short and sweet by saying, “A big wheel is eas