WireCrafters Woven Wire Products

WireCrafters and Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry have a long-standing working relationship, providing our customers with the best the industry has to offer. WireCrafters strength lies in its ability to quickly design, manufacture and ship almost every job, many in as little as 48 hours from the receipt of approval drawings!

WireCrafters carries many different types of enclosure systems, from simple tool crib cages to robotic enclosures to DEA controlled substance cages; WireCrafters can make a system for almost any situation.

WireCrafters creates the best wire enclosures by using the best raw materials to create them. Structural steel makes the frames and the posts, while woven wire mesh, Lexan Plastic, or plate steel complete the panels. Each component adds valuable strength to the finished product. WireCrafters creates the best partitions, simply put, by not ever sacrificing quality.

WireCrafters can easily customize any system with doors, panel materials, partition heights and custom lengths. Approval drawings are available on any job, at no extra charge, after the order is placed.

WireCrafters creates custom and standard configurations for its woven wire partitions. Even if the job is a “standard” size, each order will come complete with drawings for that specific order, making installation a breeze. Please contact us for a quote, or buy online today!