Rail Wheel Conveyors

Rail wheel conveyors are commonly floor or rack mounted to convey unit loads utilizing an arrangement of two or more rail conveyors mounted parallel. Rail wheel conveyors are lightweight, economical and ship in 24 hours.

Series Specifications


1-15/16” Dia. pre-lubricated ball bearing wheel with a hardened raceway, zinc plated, 50 lb. capacity


12 ga. Galvanized steel rails are formed to several different configurations


1/4″ Dia. galvanized steel bolt-type axles with lock nuts


Available in 1′-0″ increments from 1′-0″ to 10′-0″


Optional, available

Wheel Centers

RA, RC, RD, RJ, RU models: 3” centers typical on all patterns.

RCD1.5 & RCD3 models: Wheels provided on 3” centers with model RCD-3; wheels provided on 1-1/2” centers, staggered pattern on model RCD-1.5.

24-hour shipments available for
all 1-foot increments from 1'-0" to 10'–0"

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