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Steele Solutions MezzaninesConveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry partners with Steele Solutions for mezzanines, steel platforms, and other steel structures. Steele Solutions, Inc. designs, builds, and installs custom steel mezzanine systems and other steel structures, like catwalks, cross-overs, work platforms, and towers. Formed in 1996 by three longtime industry experts, Steele Solutions has grown considerably, with customers in all 50 states and around the world.

Steele Solutions has a staff of experienced, dedicated professionals who excel in customer service and who are known for their deep knowledge of engineering, codes and steel structures such as mezzanines, platforms, catwalks and crossovers. The staff includes licensed Professional Engineers. Steele Solutions' design is recognized by all major building codes, including the International Building Code (IBC) and local codes throughout the U.S., as well as OSHA safety standards.

Steele Solutions mezzanines, platforms, and steel structures help our customers: gain more efficient use of existing overhead space, support equipment, conveyors, material, parts or products, elevate plant and factory offices, create storage space, and provide access over machinery and materials.

Steele Solutions has expertise in four main types of industrial mezzanines:

  • Free standing mezzanines – sometimes called structural, steel, or wide span mezzanines, are commonly used in a variety of applications. Free standing mezzanines use bolt-together construction, allowing them to be moved with minimal time and effort. Among their many advantages they are considered capital equipment and can therfore be depreciated over a shorter period of time than traditional construction.
  • Building supported mezzanines – if a building is designed to support additional loads, the structure can generally be used to support a mezzanine or platform. Building supported mezzanines have the advantage of utilzing existing building columns to support the mezzanine. Hybrid systems can be developed.
  • Rack Supported Mezzanines – these platforms create a mezzanine level of usable space between or on top of existing storage racks.
  • Shelving Supported Mezzanines – commonly found in auto dealerships or large factory store rooms, they use shelving uprights as their support members.

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