Conveyor Systems

We are system integrators providing turnkey solutions to your conveying needs. From low profile to bulk material handling and everything in between, we have the conveyor solution for you. Our selection includes gravity conveyor systems and heavy-duty conveyors, in addition to conveyor accessories. We also offer over 100 models in 39,000 sizes available for 24-hour shipment.

  • Package and unit handling
  • Pallet and heavy load
  • Bulk material handling
  • Low profile belt
  • Continuous curving plastic belt
  • Custom and special applications

Consider us as your gravity conveyor systems and heavy-duty conveyors supplier.

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Customer-First Service You Can Rely On

At Conveyer & Caster, we partner with the most respected conveyor system manufacturers and manufacturers of heavy-duty casters and material handling solutions. Our experts are equipped to solve complex material handling problems the right way, and we understand how to appropriately address any customer demand. It’s the customer-first approach that makes the difference. Whether you’re looking for a roller conveyor system, gravity conveyor system, pallet-racking system, or other high-quality products, we have what you need to improve material flow.

Gravity Conveyor Systems - Light Duty

We offer a wide variety of light duty gravity roller conveyor systems for light duty applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and wholesale.  Light duty rail wheel and roller conveyors are ideally suited for small package handling, operations using small totes, and other flat bottom shuttle devices.

Skatewheel gravity conveyor



Gravity Conveyor Systems - Medium Duty

Medium duty gravity roller conveyor systems are used in industrial, distribution, and warehousing environments.  These are what most would consider the "standard" roller conveyor, featuring 1.9" diameter steel rollers, pressed in ball bearings, spring retained hex shafts, and formed metal frames. Also included in this category are ball transfer tables, these are commonly used where a curve section won't fit or where an operator needs to spin a package.

Medium duty gravity conveyor


Gravity Conveyor Systems - Heavy Duty

For heavy weight, high abuse, and dirty jobs, heavy duty gravity roller conveyors stand up.  Featuring rollers from 2-1/2" diameter up to 3-1/2" diameter and optional structural steel frames, these conveyors are built tough.  

Heavy Duty gravity conveyor


Conveyor Accessories

Supports, stops, and braces help complete your conveyor.

Conveyor floor support


Power Conveyors

We offer a wide variety of powered conveyors to meet almost any application.  

Belt Conveyor

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